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Gaynor Minden Classic Fit Pointe Shoes

Gaynor Minden

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The Classic Fit Gaynor Minden pointe shoe is for the original foot shape: the metatarsal, midfoot and heel are generously cut.

  • Best for wide feet, or feet that do not taper from metatarsal to heel.
  • More vamp, heel and width options than other models.

Gaynor Minden code explained:

Model:  Classic

Length: Available in sizes 4-13.5 (Gaynor Minden sizes)

Width: Fits the midfoot area.  Available in; Narrow, Medium or Wide

Box: Fits the toe and metatarsal area.  Available in 2-5

Shank: Available in H - Hard, X - Extraflex (Medium/Hard), S - Supple (Medium), F - Featherflex (Flexible), P - Pianissimo (Very flexible)