Unfortunately, our shop is temporarily closed.  We made this decision before it was imposed on us by the government in order to protect our staff.  It is very difficult to measure feet and fit shoes without getting too close to people!


I realise that children’s shoes and dancewear are not deemed as essentials at this moment in time but it doesn’t alter the fact that children still keep on growing, the weather is finally improving and there may be birthdays or Easter gifts needed to cheer up a little person!  For this reason, I will be keeping the online service going.  I feel that I can run this service without having to involve anyone else and putting anyone in danger.  We are offering FREE DELIVERY on all online orders as I am able to process them from home and then personally go to the shop to pick the orders and walk the few metres to the post office on my own! 


In addition to this, I am happy to answer any questions that you may have in order to help you make decisions about sizing, width fittings, how brands compare in size, best styles for different types of feet etc.  Simply click on the blue ‘Message Us’ symbol on our website and I will endeavour to answer your questions.


We have some beautiful shoes in store at the moment ready for the Spring season.  Just before we closed we received deliveries from Vans, Lelli Kelly, Shoesme and Skechers.  There are some great, fresh colours in canvas shoes and trainers which are perfect for active children at this time of year. 


For our dancers, we have recently received our Bloch Spring collection and another delivery of Pineapple clothing in both child and adult sizes.  These are great as Easter presents!  We also have various stretch bands and accessories for helping to keep dancers in shape while they can’t get into the studio. 


We obviously can’t wait to reopen the doors to our shop and welcome you all back in but until it is safe to do so, if you need anything please visit our website: and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any assistance at all.


Please stay safe in these challenging times.


Best Wishes




The Shoe Zoo, Torquay

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